Friday, March 23, 2007

Veeka debuts on YouTube

Yes, it had to happen. Our little darling has become a film star. See her in all her toddler glory first with Amy Doolittle (the Politico reporter-turned-videographer), then playing in the front yard, then eating a cookie with moi (in the orange sweater).
The link is: You have to cut and paste it into your browser (up top).
Folks are starting to fly in for Uncle Ed's funeral (11 a.m. Tuesday at St. Paul's Lutheran on Idylwood Road in Falls Church) so Veeka is boning up on her charm skills to provide light and laughter and comic relief to our austere gathering.
The accompanying photo was shot by Tessa Franz whose parents, Becky and Leo, are also in Washington this weekend. Seems as though half the world is heading toward Washington this month although with the balmy temps and all the daffodils and crocuses bursting out, can't say I blame them.

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