Friday, March 2, 2007

Veeka does the newsroom and the mosh pit

Yesterday we paid a visit to the Washington Times newsroom so we could ship out lots of copies of that India series to our overseas friends *and* make sure folks at work get to see my little princess. I didn't want anyone to think I was making her up! I am glad to say she acted beautifully the six hours she was there. She threw nary a tantrum; instead, she charmed 3 people into giving her either their stuffed animals or a rattle from their desks. About a dozen people either walked her about or played with her while Mommy frantically ripped up some 90 newspaper sections trying to piece together packets to send to India and France (note: it was a French journalist who gave me the idea for the series). My photos show national desk editor Ken Hanner with Veeka as she is seated at Victor's desk and photographer Joe Eddins amusing the Little One.
Today, Olivia Veronika was dancing with the Banjo Man at Jammin Java, a coffeehouse in the nearby suburb of Vienna that has a kiddie hour every morming. So today, about 60 little people bounced about as a trio of musicians jammed away. Veeka was right in front of the stage so I'm guessing that 15 years from now, she'll be moshing along with the best of them. It's a little weird for her mother to be sitting at a kiddie event like this on a Friday morning rather than being at work. I'm not used to hanging out with the stroller-and-van crowd.
We are still working on Veeka's cultural education. So far, I've shut off the TV and turned on the classical music so Miss Veeka can listen to Brahm's Requiem, Stravinsky, Wagner and Rachmaninov. Got to start 'em early. She's also been plucking away at the harp - a good sign.
She just woke up from her nap and is shrieking for me. She also woke me up at 3 a.m. this morning cuz she was bored and wanted to sleep with me and the kitties. She's doing fine but after we have dinner with Amy this evening, we're all rolling into bed early. Zzzzzzzz.

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