Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Queen of peoples' hearts

Wasn't it Princess Diana who said she preferred to be queen over peoples' hearts rather than queen of England? Anyway, Our Veeka continues to win over the multitudes. This week she put in an appearance at the Natelli household in Potomac where she was followed about (see photo) by adoring young people who saw her as kind of like a big doll. Veeka really liked the personal attention from Nicolette who showed her how to go up and down stairs. The many boys were very gallant as well.
We've been spending the past few days with family in town for Uncle Ed's funeral, which was yesterday. Fortunately the weather has cooperated, the cherry trees are springing to life, the magnolias are already out and so the weather yesterday was quite warm. Monday it was in the 80s. Very unusual for March but we're enjoying it.
Monday, Opa did lots of work fixing furniture in Veeka's bedroom. Now the chest of drawers actually works! Last night, Kristi, Faith and Alice plus my parents showed up for dinner and slides of Kazakhstan. Today Opa, Oma and us wandered about Meadowlark Park in Vienna before this evening's reception where Uncle Ed and Aunt Dot's apartment is in Fairfax. Tonight we'll be sharing all sorts of remembrances.
A happy birthday today to Gail Dall who turns.....?

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