Thursday, March 8, 2007

Veeka tackles the harp

My brilliant idea when I first brought Veeka home was to lull her to sleep with harp music. Yes, live on my 36-string Signature celtic harp. This worked for a few days until the Little One realized what the first few plunks on the strings meant: bedtime. So as I warmed up with "All Through the Night" and "Cairn Water," she began throwing all her toys and her bottle onto the floor in a fit of pique. Soooo, for the past 2 days, I've put her to bed, then walked off.
However, she does like to strum on it herself; hence the photos here of Veeka's first go at playing the harp. She wouldn't get serious lessons for another 6 years or so but why not learn some technique now? Thus, the photo, which shows her with her left hand on the strings and her right arm partially wrapped around the sound box, is a good start toward correct body placement.
This week I've been back at work trying to re-start my book manuscript, which I had to lay aside for several weeks in all the craziness of flying back here. Tessa Franz, the college-age daughter of two Portland friends, Becky and Leo Franz, came up from North Carolina to spend her spring break helping me out and touring Washington on the side. Today she's at the Holocaust museum. Not her first choice for vacation but for an art major, one could do worse than Washington's many art galleries. It's been great having some help and to have someone adult to talk with! Last night and tonight we'll be watching "Lord of the Rings" extended segments 1 and 3 with our cups of cocoa in hand. Last night Tessa whipped together a confection of real snow (we got 3-4 inches), condensed sweet milk and a flavoring (usually it's vanilla but we tried lemon. It worked) and was that yummy.
Yesterday Veeka's doctor called to say all her blood tests re any nasty diseases she could have brought back from Kazakhstan tested negative and it appears she's had lots of vaccinations to date. Tremendous relief!
Peoples' gifts are starting to arrive even tho the announcements won't go out for another week yet and all are appreciated. Am planning on starting a 529 college account for Veeka if anyone feels led to send a gift that keeps on giving. (Because she doesn't have a social security number yet, the checks will have to be made out to me - but I am honest!) Most creative gift: Michael and Christina Duin's maroon and yellow striped USC socks and kiddie T-shirt. The things people will do to create another Trojans fan. My response: Any time you want to borrow Veeka for a weekend USC football down there, let me know.

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Faith said...

Oh, Julia. She does look so sweet. The troubles with getting her to go to sleep reflect what is going on in our family with both grandsons, Charlie and Marcus. Neither cooperates and both fight it. Nice you have another adult around for a while. Faith