Wednesday, January 24, 2007


A future musician?

Tomorrow (Thursday the 25th) is a big day: Up at the crack of dawn to go to the Rudny courthouse where Mike and Carol have their hearing at 9 a.m. Then we hang out at the orphanage, then go to lunch somewhere in town, then back to the orphanage and then I have my hearing before the judge at 4:30. Then it's back to the orphanage to pick up the children, get a list of all their foods, their daily schedules and whatnot and then I dress Veeka up in the clothes I bought (she takes nothing with her) and then back to Kostenai we go. It's a very long day. By then she'll be getting tired so I will put her to bed as soon as I can. Fortunately I get to use the hotel's one crib. I don't have a kitchen, so it's hard to fix the porridge (they call it kasha) she has for breakfast. Lunch is whatever I can persuade the canteen 2 floors below me to microwave (must ask them in Russian). Dinner - have only planned through Friday at this point.
Am posting photos of Veeka's purple dress day listening to music and posing by some toys. Today is sunny and comparitively warm. I have just learned the local pigeons here really like my cat food. Tonight Madina has invited me over to her cousin's place for dinner; my last childless night! Maybe my last night to get some decent sleep but we won't go there right now. I've already assembled gifts for the driver, Veeka's chief caregiver, the interpreter, etc.
Wish me well...


Gail said...

May love surround you, uphold you, and be your strength.... Soon Veeka will be in your loving arms for good!

bruegge said...

Thank you for sharing your adventure! May God protect you and Veeka and bless your travels home.

Bill and Kathy Brueggemann

cheryl wetzstein said...

thanks for the updates, Julia. Your resourcefulness is really really shining through -- Getting home will take a lot of patience and courage too, but you have it in you.

casey ellis said...

These are exciting days. Things will be so much easier once you get home. Thinking of you often.
Cousin Casey

Faith said...

I am still trying to send a package, Julia. UPS refused the package yesterday as I did not have a country code. Today I will try again with the code I found on the USPO site. Meanwhile, we pray you are doing well in your day. Hopefully you have Veeka with you now and all went well. God bless and keep you both and bring you safely and quickly home!

Faith and Ed