Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yum, yum

Today little Veeka discovered a trail mix fruit and nut bar supplied by Oma that found its way into my purse. Did she like that! Much better than that boring orphanage stuff she usually gets. She also tried lying on my tummy and pretending to be an airplane. That was pretty cool.
Afterwards Valentin and I went to an ice castle (a huge playground that looks like a Snow White castle - but all out of ice) where I slid down the ice slide. Wheee! Then we found a bookstore that has tri-lingual Russian-Kazakh-English children's books. Won't find that at Borders.
I am having a tough time loading AOL so if some of you don't hear from me, it's cuz that #%$^* AOL is acting up. Overseas service is not AOL's speciality. Would use my gmail account but I forgot the password!


Nancy said...

Hi, Julia -

I was just thinking about you last night, wondering what was happening. Your experiences in Kazakhstan are amazing - on both travel and personal levels. Be sure to take lots of pix - Veeka will appreciate them when she's older.

I'll keep tuning in. Let me know if you need anything from this side of the Atlantic.


Gail said...

Oh, I think Olivia Veronika likes her mommy, even if it's because you have the coolest "toys."
I remember all the neighborhood kids liked my house cause I always did weird stuff like elaborate face painting, cooking friendly plastic and making scented playdough. Bettie always told me to be creative and I haven't quit. Keeps everyone interested. You go, girl! Gail

Casey said...

Hi, Julia:
This is wonderful to read. How Ol would have loved it; the phone wires at Fairacres would have been humming.
How tall is she?

hateterrorists2 said...

Julia, I am so happy for are embarking courageously on a life that will be a gift to this little girl....

I am so proud of you for plowing through the paperwork, the red tape (pun intended) and the spiritual battle. You are seeing the first little rays of light that will bring sunshine into your life.

I am so impressed by your determination and faith....all good things come from above, from the Father of Lights, in Whom there is no shadow of turning.

His and our eyes are upon you, sweetie. Kudos.

hateterrorists2 said...

sorry..for anyone who wants to know who hateterrorists2 is, it's me, is a sign-in to Google I use.