Monday, January 15, 2007

A Day in the Life (3)

(This is now Monday) For the record, I typed out part 2 on Saturday and *thought* I was posting it...but the instructions on were all in German! So I pushed the "save as draft" button instead. Oops. I just fished out part 2 and posted that and now here comes part 3. I am going to try to post some photos but knowing my luck so far with the Internet here - we will see...
Just wanted to say it is a balmy minus 8 degrees Celsius here. I took my interpreter Valentin to lunch today and bribed him with a pizza so he'd translate some Russian fairy tale books I bought the other day. Today I bought a Christmas tree ornament shaped like a yurt. Cannot say I have gotten into the local culture much - the van ride to the orphanage features Cossak lite music on CDs provided by Sasha the driver. Lots of deep-voiced men singing war-like songs while rowing down the Volga sort of thing.
Today Veeka continued her munching of my 2nd Trail Mix bar and decided to tackle some of the board books I'd brought along. The doctor told me she's a picky eater - well not when it comes to sweets. Note to Karen - she really liked your book about the bears.
If any of you have money to burn for an international phone call, I would welcome some! My parents and Gail Dall have managed to say (in Russian) my room number so I guess my instructions aren't too hard to follow. Note: either do it via Skype or hopefully you have an international plan cuz these calls can be pricey! Email me if you're interested..
Da svedanya, all..


hateterrorists2 said...

I think I stumbled upon the reason why nobody smiles in Kazakhstan...this is an incredibly revealing document:

hateterrorists2 said...

the link for that document was so long that here it is again:

Faith said...

I would be interested in calling you. Please advise phonetically how one asks for you and phone number to call. Will you be there long enough to receive a package? It must be very painful to see the children and not take them all into your care. Veeka look most appealing and playful in the glasses. I like the pictures. Faith