Monday, January 22, 2007

Meeting Madina

Today I'm feeling better, as I spent the weekend trying to get over a nasty cold. Today for the first time, Veeka did not cry when she was handed off to me. That is a victory. I continue to meet people here; Madina is the name of a woman I met at the internet cafe who speaks English! Not too many people do that here but Madina teaches English to teenagers here. I'm always grateful for anyone who can help me translate as I continually flub up here ordering things in restaurants, etc.
They say Kostenai is having a heat wave now; temps today were in the 30s which is considered postively tropical here. I am slowly meeting people; have extracted a promise from Madina that she'll have dinner with us later this week. I am slowly stocking up on food in my room for the Little One, as restaurants here have no baby seats. I bought some chocolate (!) breakfast cereal at the local supermarket as I was so sick of eating the odd breakfast at my hotel with the waitress who kind of throws the food at us. She is a bit grouchy. The couple traveling with me tried buying milk at the supermarket; when they returned to the hotel room, they found out they'd purchased fermented mare's milk. We're still laughing about it - however I did cajole Valentin to take me to the market and explain the difference between milk, butter, kefir and yogurt. The mare's milk is in there along with the rest of them.
Am including photos of the Russian kitty and me with Veeka in a good mood.


hateterrorists2 said...

Oh, Julia, it sounds positively wonderful that you are beginning to see the end of the tunnel...thankfully, this first 15 days has passed, and little Veronica is beginnning to get used to you, and accept you.

It must be difficult for her...maybe she had been through this before with other strangers who did not follow through...? Certainly she must have been through some difficulties already in her few months' your love and gentleness will mean everything to her. Right now the only world she knows is all lfet behind when they shut they door and leave you both alone...that can be scary to any child.

I am very happy you are finding a few other people there to communicate with. Remain cautious of the locals, please.

This is a hold-your-breath trip for those of us who love you...we love the pictures you are putting up is like being there with you.

You look like a new Mom all day you will look back on this whole experience as it collapses into the past, and you will be amazed at the courage and fortitude you had..Be strong and see it through to the end of this will be richly blessed and so will little Veronica.

Spaceeba Momma. Ya nye govornyou mnogo. Ya ponymayou russky. Dos sveedanya.

Phyllis said...

Laura Paul sent me your web site address. I always ask about you . Congratulations of the prospect of being a MOM. A wonderful word. A new adventure awaits both of you. God Bless both of you.
Phyllis Finster ( Lauras mom)