Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Learning Russian

It's Wednesday, I think - one tends to lose track of time here. Veeka continues to do well and I am starting to recognize her cries in the crowd. Yesterday we listening to nursery rhyme music. She continues to work on her 2nd trail mix bar.
The 45-minute drive to the orphanage is usually my day's Russian lessons as I sit there in the van with my "Beginner's Russian" in hand, asking the interpreter how to pronounce certain words. Most of what I say, the folks here cannot understand! Sigh. Just figuring out how to say "I need my laundry done" to the maid is a major undertaking. Conjugating verbs is still beyond me. So we take Valentin with us on even the most minor errands, ie buying fruit in the local market or looking for light-weight strollers.
Finally bought a pair of boots yesterday; my apres-ski books had no traction and were causing me to do things like slip on roads and in front of oncoming cars. So my footwear looks like something out of Lapland, with long leather ties that go round and round my shins.
Keep those cards and letters coming!


cheryl wetzstein said...

I'm sure your boots are great! Do you also have a big furry hat yet? My husband brought me some hats back from Moscow, including one that made me look like I was wearing a large cheshire cat on my head.
Good luck with the Russian!

Catherine said...

Julia, I'm so proud of you. Veeka is absolutely precious and adorable. I'm keeping you both in my prayers.

You are amazing.