Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Siberian wind

Today Miss Veronika wore a pretty purple dress and was in a very good mood. This made things pleasurable for me, as I brought her for the first time a little pink CD player w/kiddie music on it. As soon as I put the earphones on her, she smiled and smiled. She'd never heard such music before. She swayed and swayed and told me to thank Karen Forsyth for giving it to her. Yes, I think I'll get her started on the harp when I get home.
I finally broke down and bought a 220-volt hairdryer w/European-style plugs which has improved my appearance considerably. Today, there were gale winds out, so I searched out 2 stray kitties and left food for them. Yes, I've discovered both their hideouts. Will try again to post a photo of the male tiger kitty - dedicated to my father WHO HAS YET TO GET A CAT. He's pretty roly-poly - must be lots of mice underneath these buildings but then I found a far scrawnier young black and white kitty. Was approaching the little furball when a gust of wind hit, almost knocking me over and sending the poor cat flying to the nearest crawlspace underneath a nearby restaurant. Went and searched out said cat, who was mighty grateful for the kitty kibble I left him/her in a little alcove out of the wind.
Am totally out of touch with what the news is around the world although did hear Bill Richardson is going for president. Knowing him from New Mexico days, that'll be interesting. Fortunately the religion beat has been more or less quiet.
I appear in court 4:30 p.m. Thursday which should be a quickie before a local judge. I have already filled out paperwork saying yes I want to take Veeka home with me and fatten her up with 4% milk and mom's fruitcake and sausage from New Ulm. Barring something unforeseen in court, we pick up the children Friday morning, after which time it will be considerably harder for me to get to the Internet cafe so posts will be far less frequent, I am afraid, until the modem my dad sent me arrives in the mail and I can post from the hotel. The connection speeds here are less than stellar and AOL seems to crash once a day on me. Sigh.


Bobby said...

Be careful that Veeka doesn't want to bring the kitty home with her!And if she likes music wait til she hears some of thoses ditties of Birchie's! Ma

Gail said...

Yikes. Veeka can already speak English! I'm sure Karen is excited to know that!
World info is that it's cold in Europe but I imagine that's not news to you. January has been calmer on the planet, thank goodness!!!!
I think Veeka will adore the harp and may try to destroy it for a few years too. Prayers sent your way for the adoption. bye4now

hateterrorists2 said...

How wonderful if the US would let you bring home some kitties as well...but we know they do not.

I will be awake and up and alert at 5:30 a.m. on Thursday, since there is a program on TV I watch then...Hugh Ross/Reasons to Believe.So I will be praying as you are at the court.

Julia, you are soon to see the miracles of God you have been waiting a long long time to see.