Monday, January 8, 2007

Today she smiled and smiled

The secret, I found out, was Mommy's purse! The felt octopus was passe and the felt block with all the cool holes in it was getting old and THEN we discovered that mysterious red bag over there. It had all sorts of interesting things in it, like rainbow-colored reading glasses (those were a big hit), perfumed pieces of paper cut from women's magazines (the one from DKNY that smelled like apples was especially yummy); Mommy's wallet with all those cool credit cards to throw about and all sorts of wonderful things to scrunch and fold and put in one's mouth.
She even showed Mommy how she could use a kleenex herself to wipe all the tears away (great motor skills there), especially if she got to play with that measuring tape that went zzzz-ii-pp!! Now THAT was different. We were having so much fun that when the caregiver arrived to take Veeka away for lunch, she kept on staring longingly at Mommy (or maybe at her purse).
For the record, Veeka's shoes measure 5 inches (does that make her a 5?)Today it is snowing. Tomorrow, her mom gets a field trip to the local flea market. Much fun!


Bobby said...

Hi hon; just wait til she pulls out all the pots and pans in a kitchen drawer... or decides to mush aroundin the kitty litter box... Ma

Faith said...

Julia, I wrote a lengthy note and somehow managed to delete it when I returned to the blog to re-read something. You and Veeka are in our prayers. This is a Great Adventure for you both, and I don't mean just the traveling part which sounds amazing in and of itself. We will be following your blog. Faith